Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Blessed are those who are cursed and scorned in Jesus’ name.

Blessed are those who are cursed and scorned in Jesus’ name.
Written by: Carolyn Hileman

Up until now I have held my silence concerning the new Pope, being of Catholic faith I have looked on with interest. To be honest I believe that people are putting way to much importance on the selection of the Pope. Yes, I am aware that the former Pope was a great man and that the new one shows signs of being one as well. That being said he is just that a man. He is not God or Jesus; he is just a man with hopes and dreams just like the rest of us.

What I find interesting, almost humorous is the liberal press and their hope to sway the Catholic Church. Now we all know if given a chance they would have given their right arm to have a chance to filibuster this decision. How dare the church not listen to them, after all they know what ails our world. It isn’t that the church has become to worldly on the contrary according to them it simply is not worldly enough.

Why we should have woman priests, we should have Gay priests, we should conform to their views of religion but we didn’t. This is a time that I am very proud of the Catholic Church, we didn’t listen to a word they said and brought forth exactly the opposite as they were campaigning for. We stood our ground, we showed them we were not of them, that we answer to a higher court one of which they simply have no influence.

God calls for us to be different, because if we are not different from everyone else then how can they see us and want what we have. Make no mistake they want what we have but with conditions, they want the power of the Catholic Church but with their views and their decisions. That simply is not how this works; a true Church that follows Jesus’ teachings cannot bend to public favor. The cross simply cannot sway any way the wind blows or it has no significance.

Once again we have set our selves apart; we have said we will not follow the teachings of your world. We have chosen to follow Jesus and the liberals just cannot stand that, watch the news, read the articles, listen to the numerous ways they seek to undermine the new Pope and the followers of Jesus and be proud. Our reward is not in this world, blessed are those who are cursed and scorned in Jesus’ name.


Written by: Carolyn Hileman

4 a : the action or the power of describing, explaining, or making definite and clear

It has become very clear to me that the case of court sanctioned murder that we were a witness to was all about definitions. What do you define artificial life support to be? What is the definition? To different people it means different things.

To some artificial life support means any tubes at all, to others it means that if you take it off they die instantly or within a few hours. Therein lays the problem, no communication and utter confusion. A lot of people do not know that for instance the absence of a feeding tube means that their loved on will experience a lot of pain. I have seen dehydration up close and personal and I can tell you what it looks like.

Their mouths will develop soars, their tongs will turn an awful yellow color it will be very dry and will swell, and it will have the texture of sand paper. They will become listless and will start to lose oxygen. You see your water supply is in that feeding tube as well. You may ask how I would know this, it is because I saw my Dad in just that situation and moved him from the nursing center he was in immediately. A lot of people do not know that this is just the beginning of what they or their loved ones will go through and that it can last up to a full 12 days.

Just think twelve days with no food or water, when was the last day that you didn’t snack between meals, went a whole night with out food or drink? Give this some serious thought, who was it you told that you did not want artificial life support and what is their definition of that statement. I would think you would want to know now rather than later, but then you never know. While you are at it you might wish to define what you mean when you say you would not want to live like that.

I know I have a lot of days when I am in so much pain I cannot imagine that anyone would want to live this way, but I know there are a lot of people who are in a lot worse shape than I who are still going about their day. There are cancer patients who fight till their last breath, AIDS victims who take drugs that make them so sick they cannot function yet they still want to live.

It is scary to even think about getting old, I have watched older people barely able to walk who have had strokes and I think to myself is that what we have to look forward to? What is the point if all you have to look forward to is pain and suffering, and yet these people still function, still manage to live. I suppose that is because the only other option is death, and even though we are walking through Hell daily there are still loved ones that we don’t want to leave behind, things we have yet to do so the will to live takes over.

My intention is not to argue the court case here, it would not bring her back and we all know that something must be done. My intention is to make sure that people define very carefully what it is that they want done in their final days. Make sure that everyone around you knows your wishes and do not leave it up to their definitions.

Our rights, what they are and what they are not.

Our rights, what they are and what they are not.
Written by: Carolyn Hileman

We have been hearing a lot lately about our rights and frankly a lot of it is just plain hog wash. For instance I know everyone has heard the, a woman has a right to do anything she wants with her body, interesting thought yes, correct no. In a search of all twenty seven amendments in the Bill of rights it simply does not say that. The only amendment that might even come close is amendment number four which is our right to privacy, which by the way only says that the police cannot search you or your property without probable cause.

No where in our Constitution or our Bill of rights does it say that a woman has the right to do anything she wants with her body. Now just think about this for a moment, if as the Liberals would have us to believe that a woman can do anything she wants with her body wouldn’t that include running down the road or through restaurants naked? How about injecting drugs, suicide, or prostitution? If as they say the law has nothing to say about what a woman does to her body, why is it everything except abortion is illegal?

By the way guys if you noticed no one has said you have the right to do anything with your body. Also, it might be worth mentioning that say that woman is your wife or girl friend and you are the father of the child she plans to abort, you have no right to intervene. That is right, even though it took two people to create that baby it only takes one to terminate it and you have absolutely no rights in the matter, even if you wanted a name sake, it is solely her decision.

The only other place I can think of that they might loosely define a woman’s right to do as she wishes with her body would be that phrase “ the pursuit of happiness” well hey that would mean that anything that makes you happy should be legal right? So, that means if it makes me happy to take things that don’t belong to me it is ok because it makes me happy. Say it makes me happy to go around punching people in the nose that should be legal if it makes me happy.

Most people when they get out of school forget about the constitution and the bill of rights. Then they hear repeatedly by people in the media and ACLU that this and that is our rights, no one bothers to check because it must be right it is on the news. However, in most cases these people count on our ignorance and we oblige them wonderfully. Just imagine what you could learn if you just checked it out for yourself. For instance no where in the constitution are the words church and state. The only mention of church is in the first amendment that simply states congress cannot impose their favorite religion on us nor can they keep us from practicing our own.

You would also find that there is no right to get married, it is not one of our rights it is simply something you do in your church to show the world you love one another. In other words if these rights are not spelled out in our bill of rights they are not rights and we can in no way deny a person a right that was never in the bill of rights in the first place. Wishing that it was there does not make it a right, our government is made up by rules spelled out in our constitution and in our bill of rights it has been handed down by generation after generation, and it has served us well.

It would do a person good to read it as it spells out what the government can and cannot do as well as what we can and cannot do. If we as Americans do not know what is in our own constitution and bill of rights then we deserve to be duped by every person who goes on TV and screams that their rights are being violated. If we are content to just listen to the media and the special interest groups tell us what our rights are then we have no right to complain when they amend the constitution or bill of rights to get their way. On the other hand if we know what the rights are we can fight to preserve them for us and our children.

Bite the hand that feeds you

Bite the hand that feeds you
Written by: Carolyn Hileman

Could someone tell me why anyone would want to become successful in America? The minute you actually start seeing any profit there is someone there to tell you how to spend it. That is right you don’t go into business for yourself, you go into business to make someone else wealthy. You see it is not enough that you are providing jobs, Hell no you need to pay their doctor bills, buy their groceries, pay for their education and do their job for them so some union does not come up and tell you that you are working them to hard.

Get a grip America, if these companies go under because they have to placate you where do you think that next pay check will come from? Never mind that someone somewhere put every penny they had into this business so their family might have something to look forward to. Forget that they might have had to go without while they built their business, they have money so they should give you some.

If you had spent every last penny you had on a dream, went without vacations, designer clothes, eating out, lived in the cheapest house you could afford, spent twenty or more hours a day working for that dream. How would you like it if I walked up to you after you finally started seeing a profit and said, hey you have a bunch of money aren’t you lucky, I need you to give me insurance, $50,000 a year, a bonus and I am just going to work maybe eight hours a day. Now I want you to know that there will be some days I just don’t want to come in, but I want you to pay me any way.

That is what these people hear every day, and then they get to pay taxes so that those who don’t want to work don’t have to. It is like we in America punish those who do work and placate those who don’t. If you work all your life towards a dream it should be no one else’s right to ask you for what you worked for. Ahh but they do they tell you what they think you deserve when they have never put anything into your business. They tell you who you can hire, how many special people you must employ, and how much you have to pay them.

We have big companies going down because they can’t afford to pay healthcare for all of their workers; we have doctors and hospitals closing their doors because they can’t afford the insurance. We have companies shipping jobs oversees because the taxes are lower and they do not have to give their workers the shirt off their back. But hey, let’s not worry about that lets worry about the big unions plans to get you a paid vacation, healthcare and a big raise. Sounds really good doesn’t it until you see the closed sign on the door because they couldn’t afford all your wants and to competitive at the same time.

Back when I was growing up if you weren’t making enough money, you got another job or an extra job, and you didn’t expect the company to match your lifestyle. You didn’t assume that just because they had money somehow they owed it to you. Go ahead demand your higher wages, paid vacations, healthcare and other perks, Force that company to choose between being competitive and closing its doors. Because you see after a while those of us who built that dream are going to figure out it will never be enough and we will take what little money we have left and go home.
Then you will figure out while you’re filling out the unemployment application that just having a job was a good thing. By the time you figure out that you were biting the hand that fed you, you unemployment will have run out. So go ahead, bite the hand that feeds you.