Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bite the hand that feeds you

Bite the hand that feeds you
Written by: Carolyn Hileman

Could someone tell me why anyone would want to become successful in America? The minute you actually start seeing any profit there is someone there to tell you how to spend it. That is right you don’t go into business for yourself, you go into business to make someone else wealthy. You see it is not enough that you are providing jobs, Hell no you need to pay their doctor bills, buy their groceries, pay for their education and do their job for them so some union does not come up and tell you that you are working them to hard.

Get a grip America, if these companies go under because they have to placate you where do you think that next pay check will come from? Never mind that someone somewhere put every penny they had into this business so their family might have something to look forward to. Forget that they might have had to go without while they built their business, they have money so they should give you some.

If you had spent every last penny you had on a dream, went without vacations, designer clothes, eating out, lived in the cheapest house you could afford, spent twenty or more hours a day working for that dream. How would you like it if I walked up to you after you finally started seeing a profit and said, hey you have a bunch of money aren’t you lucky, I need you to give me insurance, $50,000 a year, a bonus and I am just going to work maybe eight hours a day. Now I want you to know that there will be some days I just don’t want to come in, but I want you to pay me any way.

That is what these people hear every day, and then they get to pay taxes so that those who don’t want to work don’t have to. It is like we in America punish those who do work and placate those who don’t. If you work all your life towards a dream it should be no one else’s right to ask you for what you worked for. Ahh but they do they tell you what they think you deserve when they have never put anything into your business. They tell you who you can hire, how many special people you must employ, and how much you have to pay them.

We have big companies going down because they can’t afford to pay healthcare for all of their workers; we have doctors and hospitals closing their doors because they can’t afford the insurance. We have companies shipping jobs oversees because the taxes are lower and they do not have to give their workers the shirt off their back. But hey, let’s not worry about that lets worry about the big unions plans to get you a paid vacation, healthcare and a big raise. Sounds really good doesn’t it until you see the closed sign on the door because they couldn’t afford all your wants and to competitive at the same time.

Back when I was growing up if you weren’t making enough money, you got another job or an extra job, and you didn’t expect the company to match your lifestyle. You didn’t assume that just because they had money somehow they owed it to you. Go ahead demand your higher wages, paid vacations, healthcare and other perks, Force that company to choose between being competitive and closing its doors. Because you see after a while those of us who built that dream are going to figure out it will never be enough and we will take what little money we have left and go home.
Then you will figure out while you’re filling out the unemployment application that just having a job was a good thing. By the time you figure out that you were biting the hand that fed you, you unemployment will have run out. So go ahead, bite the hand that feeds you.


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